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Hermann Egges Hermann Egges - Director Customer Care

As most support teams, Resato aims to have the best support to help its clients. To make that truly happen is not an easy task. If you take in mind that clients mostly call when they have a problem at that exact moment; support is always too late. We as Resato’s support team should add value to your machine and not only be there in case it breaks down. 
Adding value to your machine or system is a brave statement. So how do we add value you ask? 
1.We think that a customer and/or operator should be more than the one that pushes the buttons, he or she should become a master in both preparing, operating and servicing a system and know how to apply this knowledge to his daily job helping our customers become more successful in saving time, getting a higher quality product and/or more reliable proces.
2.We strong-pointed that it is a given fact that every mechanical machine has a chance to break down. So what can Resato do to minimise the chance of this happening? We fully understand that breakdown means standstill and this disrupts planning and will cost both time and money. So adding value in this case means to reduce the risk to a minimum and make our customers successful in what is most important to a company: Honoring your word, and being able to manage the expectation of your internal and external clients.
In 2013 we set out to make the following goals happen:
  • Lean towards preventive maintenance instead of corrective maintenance
  • Educate how to master a system rather than operating it
  • Give the customer a platform to educate himself
  • Learn from our customers to become better
Although we have a long what to go, in 2015 we have seen the total of service hours go down while the installed base grew. We where in fact able to let the best service mechanics stay in to help the customers by having a more experienced person on the phone and to help our less experienced staff members to grow.
It’s how support should be: learn from each other and become more successful along the way: Adding value.

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