Gas high pressure workshop system

Gas high pressure workshop system Type HBU

For pressurizing objects with gas pressure Resato has developed the HBU system. The HBU is similar to the HPU. Only instead of pressurizing with hydraulic pressure, the HBU pressurizes objects with gas pressure. Like the HPU, the HBU has a solid workshop design that can be integrated in your production process. As a result, the HBU is benefitting the cycle times of your operation process.

For even more efficiency the system can be equipped with an automatic operation system alternatively to manually operating the HBU. For an automated pressure cycle perfomance, one can install an optional process controller with touch panel.


  • For hydraulic and gas pressurization
  • Suitable for various test mediums
  • Possible to integrate in your production process
  • Panel mounted features and gauges


Ergonomic and modular design

Besides efficiency benefits, the HBU contributes to a responsible working environment through its ergonomic operating panel with panel mounted features (e.g. a control bleed and gauges), and optionally with engraved and colored flow chart and operating instructions. In combination with its modular design that is adaptable to your specific requirements, the HBU is a versatile system for pressurizing objects. You can for instance include a combined system of air driven pumps and gas boosters, or if you prefer quick pressurization you can choose one of our double-acting, dual or triple stage gas booster systems.

Technical specification

Feature Technical specification  
Max. operating pressure 3.650 bar/52,000 psi  
Max. flow 50 l/min  
Max. air drive pressure 7 bar  
Materials All main components e.g. high pressure valves, fittings and wetted parts of the pump are made of corrosion resistant high tensile strength stainless steel alloys.



  • Circular pressure recorder
  • PC data acquisition and recording system
  • Engraved and colored flow chart
  • Panel cover
  • Stainless steel tank
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Integration on demand


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