Hydrogen H2

Hydrogen is a light, colorless and highly flammable gas which was officially discovered as a unique substance by Henry Cavendish. Its name is derived from the Greek ‘hydro’ and ‘genes’ meaning water forming. Hydrogen is the most abundant element by far and makes up 75% of the detectable content of the universe.

Hydrogen is often called the clean fuel of the future. It is generated from water and, due to its vigorous reaction with oxygen, can be returned to water when it is oxidized. In the chemical industry hydrogen is used to react with nitrogen to create ammonia. Hydrogen has many other uses, such as removing sulfur from fuels during the oil-refining process.

In many high pressure filling applications gaseous hydrogen is utilized as a medium due to its low density.  


Resato's experience with Hydrogen Filling in the Automotive Industry

Many of our customers in the Automotive industry use hydrogen for filling airbags or Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs).


Technical specification


Atomic number 1
State at 20 °C Gas
Melting point -259.16 °C, -434.49 °F, 13.99 K
Boiling point -252.88 °C, -423.18 °F, 20.27 K
Density STP 0.0899
Relative atomic mass 2.016



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