How to find a hose test system suitable to your needs?

How to find a hose test system suitable to your needs?

In order to be able to deliver a high-quality hose to your customer, you need to test it in a safe and reliable way. The quality requirements of your hose meets can be recorded after the test on a certificate that you can supply with your hose. There are various types of systems for testing a hose under high pressure. In a previous blog about hose testing we already discussed the four most common risks and what you can do about them.

Particularly when it comes to testing products under high pressure, guaranteeing the safety of your operators and the installation during these tests is an important factor when purchasing such a test system. 

Below are a few things summed up to take into account in making your decision: 

How easy is the operation of your machine? Can a technically trained employee oversee the control panel at a glance and understand what stage the test is at? A flow diagram on the operating panel can be a great advantage here. 

Is the machine ergonomically built? Or do your employees always have to work in unnatural positions? It is a great advantage if both the control panel and the test room are at standing height or can be adjusted in such a way that your employees can work as ergonomically as possible.  


Is the test room safe? Have machine-technical measurements been taken to minimize the dangers involved in high-pressure hose testing? Is the test room lockable or can it be opened during a test? Is the test object safely visible to your employee?  Our experience has taught us that visual inspection is necessary during testing and therefore our most versatile test machine, the SLU, has a transparent lid made of thick poly carbonate plastic with a stainless steel frame. This makes it resistant to a blow from a loose hose. This lid also has a locking mechanism, which works with air cylinders and the operation of the machine is adjusted in such a way that the lid must be closed before testing can take place. 



SLU, available in different versions and pressure ranges up to 3,650 bar.


What is the size of the test machine and of the test room? Do they take up a lot of space, or are they integrated? Are there many cables and tubes or wires  around the machine or test container?  Our customers who produce hoses have expressed their preference for an all-in-one machine. A test machine in which both the operation and the test room, as well as the power to generate high pressure build-up is united in one device.


How much time do you want to spend testing your product? And how long does it take to fill your object?  Are there options to shorten this pre-filling? You can do this faster by, for example, pre-set pressure settings that allow you to test a large number of hoses quickly and repeatedly without changing the settings. We think that options like these can save you a significant amount of time. 

How safe is the material from which your test system is made? Does it rust and is therefore quickly broken or unsafe for your employee? And to what extent is the material and the machine polluting the environment?  This is another aspect that is becoming increasingly important to many customers. 

What options are there to make the system meet your product and test requirements? For example, have you considered producing your own test certificate for your product? There are more than enough aspects to pay attention to when purchasing a safe and reliable high pressure testing machine. Would you like to know which test system is most suitable for your situation? Then please contact our experts.

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