After the first year.

You may call yourself an expert. You know what to do, how to solve small issues. You feel comfortable with our product and support. But you may still need help and support.  

We have several options to help you to get more successful after the first year:


  • First level support which is for  free, this is covering 80% of all your regular questions. This team will also handle the delivery of parts
  • Second level support.  The more complicated questions are handled by our second support team, if needed by using a VPN connection. This support is based on a yearly support fee
  • Igems support  is also given by our second level support. This support is  included in the yearly maintenance contract of Igems
  • Service on the road.  Our service team can visit you if needed based on our service conditions



  • Maintenance contracts. We offer three different types of contracts. Contracts which can cover costs for updates, support, yearly training  and also risks if a machine breaks down


Education & training

  • Training program, Each year we have a training day for new employees. Training can also be given on the job by one of our trainers



  • Ticket system to follow the status and to get hold of all your ongoing questions
  • Feedback in a digital way by providing a digital service report after each service


Hermann Egges

"We as Resato’s customer care team should add value to your machine and not only be there in case it breaks down."

Hermann Egges - Director Customer Care
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