First year

We at Resato believe that the first year is critical for your success. For that reason we will, free of charge, help you during this first year. Wether this means understanding how to operate or service the system, how to optimize a certain process or make the software work for you. 

We developed a dedicated online support platform that helps out with most common problems and questions. On this platform you will find how to do’s with animations, videos and step-by-step walkthroughs to help you become an expert. If you, after consulting this platform, still have questions: Support will help you by phone or, if applicable, through a VPN connection to your system.

It’s also the year where we get to know you better. By knowing you and your usage better, we can maximize potential and uptime of your system. This means we will advise you on what spare parts should be on stock at your premises and how often and what service you need based on the usage of the machine. 

So in the first year of Resato ownership you will get:

  • A dedicated online platform to answer the most common issues
  • A dedicated person to take it even a step further, when needed
  • A masterplan to maximize the potential and uptime of your machine

Free of charge! Because if you learn from us, we can learn from you!



Hermann Egges

"We as Resato’s customer care team should add value to your machine and not only be there in case it breaks down."

Hermann Egges - Director Customer Care
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