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angle-left An important day for the hydrogen economy in the Netherlands

An important day for the hydrogen economy in the Netherlands First Dutch full sized hydrogen refueling station in the making for The Hague

Today is a big day for hydrogen, for the Netherlands and for a green future. A day on which a step forward is being taken to realize the Dutch hydrogen economy. The first steps will be taken in The Hague, with the ministries just around the corner, by means of a large hydrogen refueling station. A successful green development?

The answer to this question is the confirmed collaboration between Resato International and Shell Kerkhof & Zn, where Resato is going to install a large public hydrogen refueling station. We spoke to Rob Castien, CEO of Resato, Jan Paul Kerkhof, owner of Shell Kerkhof & Zn, and Gerard Schuiringa, Area Sales Manager Hydrogen at Resato, about these developments.

'With the cooperation between Shell Kerkhof & Zn (Binckhorstlaan), grid manager Stedin, and Resato, to supply a large hydrogen refueling station, a big step has been taken towards a greener future,' says Castien, who stresses the importance of working together. 'In order to develop a hydrogen economy, we must all support this development, so that together we can pave the way towards an emission-free country'.

'Hydrogen is a clean and safe gas', adds Schuiringa. 'It is a completely green gas that, when used as fuel in vehicles, gives clean water as its only residue. The ultimate alternative to a fossil fuel free future. An additional advantage of the large hydrogen refueling station is that the filling time is equal to filling up with petrol or diesel and the range is comparable to that of diesel.'

'The realization of the station at the Binckhorstlaan paves the way for an emission-free (city centre) The Hague and the Netherlands. In addition, value is also being added to the electricity grid because the source of hydrogen can come from electrolysis, an important aspect for grid-manager Stedin with a keen eye on the grid balance,' says Jan Paul Kerkhof.

With more than 25 years of experience in high-pressure technology, Resato understands the challenges of pressurizing hydrogen. 'As the Dutch high pressure expert, we use our knowledge to create sustainable, safe and efficient solutions for hydrogen applications,' says Rob Castien. 'With a large hydrogen refueling station of Dutch origin, we want to send out a strong signal to realize the hydrogen economy together'!

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