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angle-left Bart van Nes

Bart van Nes Bart van Nes - Job Recruiter

Finding the right match.

People are the most important facet of our organisation. Without our people, we would never have been where we are today. And more importantly, we as an organisation cannot grow any further without our people.  

Finding the right people goes beyond attracting, recruiting and selecting people for one of our vacancies. It's about finding that one right match between a job seeker and our position. Only then will an employee be in place with us. And only then is there synergy: as an employee you develop yourself further and as a company you benefit from the (growing) expertise of the employee.

As a job recruiter it is my passion to bring out the best in people and our organization. I help our departments to find the right match.  I do this by not only looking at people's skills, education and work history, but also at their personal qualities. This is how I determine whether someone is suitable for the position.

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