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angle-left Computer-controlled test system for Doornbos Equipment

Computer-controlled test system for Doornbos Equipment Doornbos Equipment invests in a fully computer controlled Resato hose test system

High Pressure Testing Equipment

Early this year, it became clear for Doornbos that they had to accelerate the investments in a new hose testing system as test speed and reliability became increasingly a bottleneck during the assembly of Parker ultra-high pressure hoses. The joint analysis resulted in the fact that an integration with the ERP system of Doornbos was necessary. By the end of August we completed their computer-controlled high-pressure system, a RTC1500 test cabinet and the high-pressure parts of an external test container. With this setup, Doornbos is proactively acting upon the trends of increasing test pressures (up to 6000 bar), throughput times and the automation of both test process and report processing.

With this investment Doornbos is a on the forefront of testing high pressure hoses. A role that they took on several years ago by making a significant contribution to the development of a specific test bay for large rolls of hoses.

In summary, the specific characteristics of this unit are:

• Fully computer controlled hose test system

• Equipped with electric and hydraulic pumps

• Test pressures of 180 to 6000 bar

• Two multifunctional test bays

• Test Area 1 –RTC1500

• Test Area 2 - Customer's own container system for testing so-called sewer hoses and lances

• Fully automated test cycle according to ISO 1402 including pre-filling and venting

Open day at Doornbos Equipment

Curious about this system or other Resato systems? Doorbos Equipment has an open day on Thursday, November 12th where both Resato system and the other branches of the company are in the spotlight. On behalf of Resato, Joost Smoor is present on this day.

Doornbos opens its doors for a unique Safety Event in collaboration with Parker Hannifin. The theme: extreme pressure, high security; safe handling of high pressure thermoplastic hoses from Parker Polyflex.

Key speakers will take you into the world of Doornbos and Parker and you can get information on the topics mentioned above. You can also enroll in the Poly Flex game where you can win great prizes.


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