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Gas booster innovation

Gas booster innovation Shortening cycle times, Lowering operating costs with more flexibility

Testing by means of gas pressure is a very important process in different sectors. Due to the dangers of working with objects placed under gas pressure, the tests are generally conducted under water in valuable test bays to ensure safety of both operators and  environment. The limiting factor of gas testing is the cycle time of testing an object. To minimize this limiting factor, Resato developed a new test system that reduces the cycle time by 2/3rds, with lower operational costs and extremely simple controls. Such a high end system is unique in the world.

Shortening cycle times
To optimize productivity in a test bay for tests with gas pressures up to 1500 bar / 21.750 psi, Resato has developed a new hydraulic driven gas booster which can achieve extremely short cycle times due to the fact that it can pre-fill and pressurize the object many times faster than competing systems. The second bottleneck in the process is stabilizing the temperature of the gas. Resato developed an integrated chiller that quickly cools down the gas to either object or room temperature. By shorting these bottlenecks, Resato reduced the entire testing cycle by 2/3rds.

Lowering operating costs
Next to saving space due to the compact design, the system reduces the operating costs considerably. In traditional setups, air-driven pumps are used to pressurize objects. The new system uses an electric hydraulic driven gas booster. By having less loss of energy the efficiency of the system has risen from 30% to a whopping 70%. In addition to the energy savings it uses fewer parts thereby lowering service cost significantly. 

More flexibility by separating required knowledge
For this test system Resato developed entirely new software. My automating the test cycles the procedure is rendering to a single push of a button, whereby the knowledge required during testing is reduced to a minimum. By means of a hand-held scanner the operator can define the test-job whereby the system automatically loads the correct test recipe for the object. Test recipes can be composed by an engineer up front for either unique tests or standardizing batch testing. Composing recipes can either be done on site or a external location. By scanning the operator the system can check if the operator is skilled to do the required test. The new software will give the customer a huge advantage in the recruitment and training of operators.

Easy operation
Due to the completely new contemporary designed touchscreen interface, the system is very easy to operate. It will guide the operator to go through five steps to complete the test cycle. Within these steps the object and test are loaded upfront, giving advantages such as automatically checking the availability of test-lines for testing multiple objects simultaneous. During the test the operator can, if required, accurately monitor the pressures on all lines.


In case of failure or maintenance, it is possible to make an online connection to the service department of Resato using VPN. The connection can be used to remotely check the system for quick help when an operator is experiencing trouble or is in need of expertise.

Safety is obviously a priority when designing a high pressure system. As with all Resato systems it is connected to various sensors which prevent that a person may come into the vicinity of hazardous environments. Also, the system is equipped with its own safety system that led to the pressure via an integrated relief conduit in the event of an emergency to a safe location.

Modular construction.
The modular design of the system also shows the focus on flexibility. The number of test lines can be extended and/or features added, so that future expansion can be achieved without the need to purchase a total new system.


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