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angle-left Sander Vroling

Sander Vroling Sander Vroling - Sales director

Pressures up to 14.000 bar, that is what Resato is all about. It is almost impossible to imagine how much pressure this is, therefore it is important to keep a sharp eye on environmental and personal safety.

To develop products in the high pressure industry means you have to be an expert and understand the environment in which the products are used. Sharing our knowledge contributes to a better understanding of this environment by our customers, because I believe it is important to make our customers experts as well.

As a sales director at Resato I am responsible for the behaviour of our sales force, which has to result that our customers make a quality business decision, even if that results in solutions which we are not able to deliver. This may sound strange to you for now, but we see ourselves as high pressure doctors and not as sellers. 

How can we use our high pressure technology to improve our customer’s business? We are curious about your business and will always be searching for the correct solution to your business situation. We want happy customers, so we do not want to sell solutions that do not tick all the boxes. We are in for the long run, not the quick win. 

I have started my ultra-high pressure journey at Resato with my passion for technology and commerce it still excites me to provide our customers with our high pressure products and services to improve their business, because then we truly add value. We aim to be a true partner.

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