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angle-left Hydrogen Compressor for Fueling Station

Hydrogen Compressor for Fueling Station Visit of Deputy of the Province of Drenthe for PitPoint's hydrogen booster system

Assen, the Netherlands. Resato International, the high pressure expert from Assen, was visited by Tjisse Stelpstra, Deputy of the Province of Drenthe, on the occasion of the shipment of the first R-inside compressor system for hydrogen refueling stations. 

Resato has developed a range of high pressure compressors for hydrogen refueling applications to address the 'chicken-egg' dilemma: There is a lack of hydrogen refueling stations due to a shortage in hydrogen cars, and vice versa. It is Resato's vision to address this challenge with compact and efficient fueling solutions that support the development of a hydrogen economy in the Northern Netherlands. 

During his visit, Mr. Stelpstra emphasized the important role the specialized manufacturing industry plays in the development of solutions in enabling the hydrogen economy as part of the energy transition to a cleaner world. 

'I am proud that a company from Drenthe is manufacturing the heart of hydrogen refueling stations and has the guts to step up in addressing and supporting the hydrogen transition', says Mr. Stelpstra. 

The R-inside compressor system will serve as the heart of the new hydrogen refueling station that is being built by the company PitPoint. This station will be located at Chemie Park Delfzijl, and will be used for the refueling of two Qbuzz busses running between Delfzijl, Groningen and Assen. 

For more information about Resato's sustainable vision with hydrogen visit:

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