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angle-left 24/7 efficient and unmanned waterjet cutting

24/7 efficient and unmanned waterjet cutting

Resato International BV supplies components and systems for the manipulation of gases and liquids and for the execution of high-pressure tests up to 14,000 bar, says Sven Reiffers, Marketing Specialist at Resato: "Since 2016 we have also been supplying hydrogen applications, including hydrogen filling stations for fleet owners and hydrogen-suited compressors and boosters, which make the refueling of hydrogen-powered vehicles a piece of cake. A third specialization is the construction of high quality waterjet cutting machines in various types and sizes, with which metals such as stainless steel, hardened steel, aluminum, copper and titanium can be processed very accurately.


24/7 unmanned waterjet cutting

During EuroBLECH 2018, Resato will be presenting a demo version of the waterjet cutting machine, distinguished among other things by its robust design and stable linear drive technology, which guarantee optimum accuracy," says Reiffers: "Thanks to its modular design, the machine can easily be adapted or extended when change is needed, and the cutting head of the waterjet cutting machine is available in 2D, 2.5D or 3D versions, suitable for abrasive and pure water cutting and/or bevel cutting". During EuroBLECH 2018, the machine will be shown including the Resato EMS Monitoring software and Resato Job Manager, which allow unmanned production 24/7. "Our EMS Monitoring software monitors the cutting process of the water jet cutting machine 24/7. In the unlikely event of a malfunction or if the abrasive runs out in the refill tank, the EMS Monitoring software automatically sends a message to the operator, who can take appropriate action immediately. This eliminates the need for constant supervision by the operator. The Job Manager makes it possible to program multiple tasks on the machine, ensuring continuous production.


Maximum efficiency in a 100% safe working environment

Resato also informs stand visitors about the Resato Flexzone, which can easily be mounted on the bridge of the water jet cutting machine and moves flexibly with the working area of the cutting head: "The Flexzone continuously creates flexible, accessible working areas for the operators, so that they can safely load and unload materials during the cutting process, thus minimizing downtime of the machine, while innovative light curtains on the bridge guarantee a 100% safe working environment", says Reiffers, who finally invokes Resato's continuous system: "With this system, the delivery of abrasives during the cutting process can be fully controlled automatically, which further increases the efficiency of the waterjet cutting machine. The result is 24/7 efficient and unmanned production.


If you are interested in the possibilities for your company, you can find Resato International BV in hall 12, stand B123.

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