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angle-left Resato enters Innovation Cluster Drachten

Resato enters Innovation Cluster Drachten

High tech company Resato International from Roden enters the Innovation Cluster Drachten. The business cluster with the addition of Resato has 13 members. President Kor Visscher is happy with Resato entering the cluster. ,, It's great to welcome the winner of the award "Most innovative company in the Netherlands in 2015" in our high tech cluster. It shows to what great achievements our companies are capable of. ''

,,We are here for the long term, not the 'quick-win' we want nothing more than to share our knowledge. Therefore, we are pleased to be able to link ourselves to the Innovation Cluster Drachten'' said an enthusiastic Rob Castien, CEO Resato International. ,,We love what we do and are passionate about our profession, but the main rule of our company is perhaps that everyone can make mistakes. We expect our employees to admit mistakes and learn from them. This leads to innovate and therefor leading in our niche market."


Resato International

Resato International, founded in 1991 and has over 80 employees, develops and manufactures components and systems in the field of high-pressure applications and is leading in high pressure technology. The company's solutions are used in numerous industries, including oil, gas, marine and chemical industries. Last month, the jury of the Erasmus Innovation Award called Resato 'a hidden champion of the Dutch industry.

Innovation Cluster Drachten

Innovation Cluster Drachten is an internationally active ecosystem of high tech companies and research institutions that lead the way in innovation. The companies are autonomous and develop and make the products themselves, resulting in sustainable employment in the Northern Netherlands. This results in more than 50 new product introductions per year worldwide. In addition, the companies provide the technical talents a career in a high tech industry to avoid a knowledge drain in the northern Netherlands. This is possible by the unique partnership in which competition has given way to strengthen one another. Members of the Innovation Cluster Drachten are: BD Kiestra, Delta Instruments, Irmato, Neopost, Norma Group, Philips, Photonis, Resato International, Science & Technology, Variass, Whisper Power, YP Your Partner and ZiuZ.


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