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angle-left Resato introduces hydrogen booster

Resato introduces hydrogen booster

Assen, Netherlands. With our latest development of a hydrogen booster, we are addressing the challenges of the hydrogen application in the automotive and other industries. “Our booster is the core of any high pressure system. By making sure that the booster works safely under high pressure, we can build solutions for cycle testing equipment that requires use of hydrogen”, states Chief Technologist Theo Post.

The Challenges

Hydrogen embrittlement and its behavior under compression make the handling of hydrogen gas challenging. A careful selection of the materials has to take place and needs to be reviewed regularly in order to improve the booster in the future. Moreover, hydrogen differs from other gases as it heats up under rapid decompression. The booster is equipped with liquid cooled chambers and to prevent pollution of hydrogen with oil, the pressure chambers and hydraulic chamber are separated.

The Hydrogen Booster

Similar to our other high pressure solution, the booster’s capacity and pressure range are significant. These ranges provides us with flexibility to develop customized test and filling equipment that optimize the productivity of our clients. The booster unit has a maximum capacity of 4Nm3/min with an inlet pressure of 300 bar / 4,350 psi and electricity connection of 22.5 KW. The maximum pressure range for the Resato hydrogen booster is 1,050 bar / 15,000 psi. 


Hydrogen Booster

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