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angle-left Resato supplies Ministry of Defence with the ACM3015

Resato supplies Ministry of Defence with the ACM3015

Assen. The Netherlands. In October this year, Resato International, the Dutch high pressure expert, will supply a brand-new ACM-3015 waterjet cutting machine to the Ministry of Defence. The machine has a 2.5D cutting head and a special drilling unit to support construction work and damage repair for tanks and vehicles.

Choice based on three factors: replacement, improvement, and expansion

The machine is a replacement of the gas burner. When the gas burner is being used, the Ministry of Defence cannot rely entirely on the armor steel anymore. With gas burning, heat is released during the cutting process, leading to material distortion and therefore the reliability of the armor.

Resato's ACM-3015 waterjet cutting machine can cut more ferrous metals and retain all of its properties. In the area of expansion, the Ministry of Defence will soon be able to cut laminated plastics to create shrapnel/bulletproof blankets for vehicles. Vehicles without a full armor protection can still be used during a patrol with the use of these blankets. It provides extra security for the soldiers.

The ACM-3015 is a new resource

The ACM-3015 water jet cutting machine is equipped with a drilling unit and a 2.5D cutting head. A drilling unit was chosen to prevent damage to the surrounding material during the cutting of laminated plastics.

The Ministry of Defence wanted a plug-and-play system to be able to install, when needed, a 3D cutting head on the machine. They first chose for a 2.5D cutting, due to the fact that they can use the cutting head to round off the thicker ferrous metals.

The water jet cutting machine ensures cheaper machine operating hours and offers fast and accurate cutting results.

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