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The 70s come to Resato

The 70s come to Resato Celebrating the end-of-the-year-Christmas party and company presentation

Assen, Netherlands. After a long day at work last Friday, the evening was remarkable. It was the end-of-the-year-Christmas party where the Resato team came together to remember the accomplishments of 2016. But it was not a regular party – it was a themed party with this year’s theme being: Disco of the 70s. Before the party could start, the Managing Directors presented the annual results and the outlook for 2017 in the afternoon.

Standing strong for 2017

Despite the ups and downs in the oil & gas industry in 2016, Resato stands strong with their partners to drive the organization to growth. The positive feedback from customers in 2016 will help us to develop our products and the organization further in 2016. “The change has to come within the organization to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction. Everyone has to understand and feel their involvement in the customer journey”, said Rob Castien, the CEO of Resato. Everyone listened carefully to the words of Ton Driessen, COO/CFO of Resato, and Rob Castien, CEO of Resato, to support the company in its journey to growth.

Ton Driessen giving the company presentation

Let the party begin

In the evening it was time for people to dance, laugh, drink and snack, and listen to Y.M.C.A, Night Fever, and more hits from the 70s. But it was not just the music that fit the theme. Almost everyone came with amazing costumes with wigs, hippie dresses, bellbottoms, dashikis and other fantastic colorful clothes.

But what is a good party without the right location? But we celebrated in our new building in Assen which in the daytime is not a 70s dancing location. With the right accessories, however, the transformation was a success. On the floor one found a color-changing dance floor, on the ceiling several disco balls, and many light machines for colored light. For the music, a DJ was hired and for the drinks and snacks a caterer was organized.

Resato staff at the company party

Looking forward to 2017

 “It is great to see all colleagues including those who are travelling to bring our business forward and have some drinks with them”, said Ole Schnieders, Marketing Manager at Resato. It is those small benefits of events like this that create the team spirit and after the event it feels like everyone is ready to take on the challenges of 2017.

Resato Team

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