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angle-left The Caveman Challenge Team

The Caveman Challenge Team

This Sunday 18 October, Resato participated at the Caveman Challenge in Exloo. This is the second time that we participated in this exciting team building opportunity.

The Caveman Challenge is an obstacle mud-race that is ideal for team building activities. During the run, the teams have to climb walls, crawl through the mud, and overcome other obstacles with the goal of jointly reaching the finish line.

This Sunday, a Resato team of seven participants took on the challenge in Exloo. With light drizzle, the conditions were great for an exciting mud-race. Our team had been waiting and training for this event since a couple of weeks and was ready to give its best in the distance of 6.66 km.

Given the muddy conditions, the race required them to support each other even more. But their team spirit helped to achieve great results and that despite some injuries in our teams. Whereas for some the distances between the obstacles as the greatest challenges others found that climbing the straight wall with no grip was the greatest challenge of the run.

For the Resato team winning was not the reason for participating. Our team wanted to have fun together and accomplish the trail. And they did it with great team spirit.

Resato at the Caveman Challenge

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