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Waterjet Experts

Waterjet Experts Francois Hemmerlin - Sales Director

The request for waterjet technology as a cutting solution is booming. The technology becomes more and more reliable and it suits to the new requirements of the market. 

What has changed for you, due to the crisis, and what are your requests for a cutting machine? Many of my meetings start with these questions. I do not believe that everything will start up as it was before the crisis. The market has changed: The visibility has decreased, the production serials became smaller and shorter delivery times are required. 

Nowadays the production process requires more flexibility and machines need to be able to run unmanned. Therefore my work consists to help the customer to clarify his needs, to make sure if the technology is suitable or not and to supply the information for the calculation of the return on investment period. 

If these issues are answered, we specify what the solution should be: A Resato waterjet or not? Going through these steps, I will help the customer to make a quality business decision. It is not always easy, but if we work together we can build up sincere relationships!

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