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angle-left We are back online!

We are back online! and Emails are back - we can communicate again!

The good news first – since yesterday afternoon our webpage is fully available. And since this morning our email communication is up and running again.

Sunday late in the afternoon, we got an alarm that our internal website was not functioning. One hour later, our complete domain seemed to be suspended. After some quick calls and gathering the needed information within Resato, we were sure that this could not be an administrative or technical problem within our company. As we could not get hold of our supplier in an hour of need, we could only wait until Monday to investigate further.

When we unlocked the doors to the office early Monday morning, turned on our computers, and wanted to start working, something strange appeared in our inboxes – no emails. Whereas for some people that could be the best start of a Monday it was for us the discovery of a big problem. We found out that, next to our web domain, our email domains had been suspended as well.

Double-checking everything once more we could not find any problems on our end. We quickly gathered with the CEO, Marketing, and IT and started a Task Force to find the source of the problem, inform our customers and partners and get a solution for this problem as soon as possible.

IT found out that the problem was due to an “administrative dispute” between our domain provider and a global domain registrar. However, their helpdesk was not responding to any queries we raised or the other owners of the 8,000 domains that were affected. Phoning the domain registrar in the United States did not help much either but at least assured that the problem was not within Resato.

On Monday and Tuesday, we were eager in keeping you posted about our developments via the social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn). And Monday in the afternoon our IT found a way to put online again albeit with some limitations to its global availability. It is only since this morning that we can say for sure that our communication and website is online 100%.

Hopefully, we have not caused you much inconvenience but if so we do sincerely apologize. At Resato, we want to be available for our customers as good as we possibly can. With emails and social media communication, we tried to communicate the problems we have been occurring to our customers and contacts. However, we are certain that we were unable to reach everyone in our database. Hence, we like you to provide us with feedback to let us know about your experiences with us during this offline period. This way we can at least learn from our own mistakes that we made during this period. We hope our provider has the same attitude towards the past days.

In case you are still experiencing troubles of contacting us, you can always phone us: +31-(0)-505016877.

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