A team since 1985

Board of Directors

Resato is a privately-owned Dutch company and managed by the Board of Directors: Rob Castien and Ton Driessen. It is their strong teamwork and trust that catered for the growth of Resato since the management buy-out in 2009.

Their friendship dates back to 1966 when they first met in kindergarten. Attending school and graduating together, playing soccer and tennis and living close to each other, they know each other inside out.

We have asked them some questions.



Rob Castien - CEO

What do you appreciate about Ton?
That he is so different from me in knowledge, experience and character. We  challenge and complement each other while at the same time we get along great and have a lot of fun.

Why Resato?
My whole career has been about high-tech products and systems, niche markets and international business. In Resato the three come perfectly together and I have been able to add company ownership to the mix. It has been a privilege to lead the Resato team to growth and I hope we can continue to build a great company that truly helps in making our customers successful. 

What was your biggest achievement in your career?
The acquisition of Resato with the investment team is probably my biggest achievement. This was in July 2009 when the world was in the banking crisis (not knowing that the Euro crisis would follow). Yet, together with the entire team, we were able to double our business from 2010 to 2015. The icing on the cake was that we were elected most innovative company of the Netherlands in 2015.

Let us know about one mistake that you made from your past experience and what you learned from it for Resato?
Not listening well enough to a customer that complains and not get the chance to deliver a second waterjet. Most customers do not complain very vocally and you need to pick up the - sometimes subtle  - signals when a customer is not happy. This reinforces that we always need to keep our customers happy!

Resato is...
a great place to work!


Ton Driessen - CFO / COO

What do you appreciate about Rob?
Rob has a real good sense for business, a sharp mind and great analytical and technical skills coupled to an open and ethical style of leadership. In almost anything we think along the same lines on decisions to be taken. And for the rare occasion that we do not, we easily come to an agreement as we learnt to combine our strengths in arguments and how to combine these to get the best out of us both.   

Why Resato?
I chose for the combination of Resato and high pressure technology. As this represents a niche in an industry that brings tremendous opportunities if you do things right, and as Resato was at a stage in its life cycle where it could use my business management skills to become able to capture these tremendous opportunities. 

What was your biggest achievement in your career?
That I was able to grow and survive for 24 years as a change agent in a multinational company.

Let us know about one mistake that you made from your past experience and what you learned from it for Resato?
Trying to solve things on my own without organizing help from colleagues who are much better equipped than me, not achieving the result in time and causing frustration. At Resato we are actively working on getting the best out of teams by using the strengths of every team player in a cooperative and stimulating environment. That gives a high level of results and motivation.

Resato is...
a rough diamond!

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