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Our Brands

Resato High Pressure Technology

Our core brand dates back to the foundation of Resato in 1991. This brand resembles our high pressure core and therewith the experience we provide in designing optimized high pressure solutions that solve our customer’s problem. We strive to improve the productivity with our helpful attitude since 1991.


Resato Waterjet Technology

Our waterjet brand symbolizes the diversity of Resato and consolidates the high pressure experience and our ability to design standard solutions that provide productivity improvements for our customers. With our waterjet technology, we deliver cutting solutions that optimize return of investment and improve manufacturing processes in aspects of time, versatility, space, capacity, safety and more.



Our culture brand stands for “us as a team”. Caring, health, openness, fairness, and learning are values that we believe in at Resato. We want to help our employees to improve, challenge themselves, and stay healthy.

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