B-series: Air-driven gas boosters
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The B-Series of air-driven gas boosters are suitable for several applications using nitrogen, helium, argon, breathing air, and more gases using special sealing technology. The high pressure compressors are used for pressure testing with gases, industrial gas process feeds, gas charging of accumulators and gas bottles, and other applications. Their long lifetime makes them ideal for applications in the automotive, gas processing, and offshore and onshore industry. The gas boosters are available in a single-acting, double-acting, and dual-stage version. Our experts can consult you on the best suitable booster for your application.

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Outlet pressure range
18 - 1,330 bar
(260 - 19,285 psi)

Developed for easy maintenance

Nitrogen, CO2, argon, flammable gases, breathing air, and more

B-series - Benefits and Features

B-series - Benefits and Features

  • Long seal lifetime based on dedicated engineered polymer compounds that are based on low-friction PTFE resins.

  • Lifelong lubrication during assembly avoids lubricated air lines and reduce maintenance on the booster.
  • Air drive section of the gas booster contains only a small amount of moving parts reducing wear and noise.
  • Guaranteed lifelong operation due to the check valves from ceramic materials.
  • Improved reliability and cycling speed due to the lack of mechanical pilot valves and long internal pilot channels.
  • Reduced cost of ownership and maintenance downtime because the high pressure seal can be replaced without dismantling the air-drive section.
  • Standard provided with vent holes to prevent gas from the high pressure gas section escaping to the air drive section. This ensures a safe operation.
  • The V-shaped expansion ring reduces preload and reduces frictional resistance making the booster more efficient for operation and maintenance.

Application Areas

  • Accumulator, cylinder, and bottle filling with gas
  • Accumulator and airbag charging
  • Gas pressure testing for hoses and industrial objects
  • Plastic injection molding
  • PRV gas testing and setting
  • High pressure  supply for equipment calibration with gas
  • Compression application for i.e. hydrogen, nitrogen, helium
  • Gas leak testing (e.g. bubble test) on automotive parts or oilfield equipment
  • And more


  • ATEX version available
  • Greaseless assembly (e.g. Xenon applications)

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