Gas booster B160 / B200

Resato offers a complete range of single, double acting and two-stage air driven gas boosters. The gas boosters are available in various ratios.

The higher the ratio the higher the output pressure of the air driven gas booster. Single acting air driven gas boosters only have one gas cylinder. Double acting air driven gas boosters have two identical gas cylinders for a higher output flow.

For higher compression ratios, e.g. relative high output pressure at relative low inlet pressure, two-stage air driven gas boosters are used. These gas boosters have two different gas cylinders, each with a different ratio.

The complete range of air driven gas boosters is available in type B160 for normal flow rates and in type B200 for higher flow rates and higher pressures. Resato air driven gas boosters are suitable for transfer and pressurization of a wide range of gases, e.g. Nitrogen, Helium, CO2, Argon and breathing air. For use with other gases contact Resato for information on possible air driven gas booster modifications and installation instructions.

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  • Working pressure up to 1245 bar / 18.000 psi
  • Choice of 61 different types
  • Single acting, double acting or two stage
  • Low noise level, even at high cycle speed
  • Ceramic check valves
  • Easy maintenance
  • Modern modular design, no mechanical pilot valves
  • Proven reliability under severe conditions


  • Hydraulically driven

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