Hydrogen Booster Type IOB/H2

To fulfill market demand for reliable and high flow gas boosters, we have applied our high pressure technology in a hydraulic-driven hydrogen booster series, by focusing on long seal lifetime, material selection, simplified maintenance, and safety. 

Although the booster is suitable for a wide range of gasses, such as hydrogen, CNG, and more, the hydrogen design features characteristics specific for the fuel cell industry. The additional interface part with extended piston rod ensures prevention of potential oil contamination by the hydraulic drive, which would be disastrous for FCEVs

The modular design (gas section) features selected pressure stages required in the H2 market for filling and testing. 

Being designed primarily for hydrogen applications, we offer a complete range of dedicated hydrogen double acting and two-stage gas boosters. The boosters are available in various ratios and can be provided as booster, booster skid or fully operational refuel station. 


Technical Specifications

Item Specification
Pressure range 2 bar - 1100 bar
Flow 4 kg/hr - 50 kg/hr
Max. Hydraulic power 37 kW
Weight 200 kg
Designed for H2 gas service


Double Acting

Booster type Ratio i1 Max. output pressure
IOB115 - 0,1-4/H2 0,1 10 bar 
IOB115 - 0,3-2/H2 0,3 55 bar
IOB115 - 0,7-2/H2 0,7 300 bar
IOB115 - 1,7-2/H2 1,7 700 bar
IOB115 - 3,4-2/H2 3,4 1100 bar


Dual Stage

Booster Type Ratio i1 Ratio i2 Max. output pressure
IOB115 - 0,7-1,7/H2 0,7 1,7 700 bar
IOB115 - 1,7-3,4/H2 1,7 3,4 1100 bar
IOB115 - 0,7-3,4/H2 0,7 3,4 1100 bar




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