FCEVs Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles

A Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) or Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV) is a vehicle powered by hydrogen gas. It is a type of electric vehicle that uses a fuel cell instead of a battery or a combination of both to power an electric motor. The fuel cell use oxygen from air and hydrogen to generate electricity that powers the motor.

FCEVs are classified as zero-emission vehicles as the conversion process from hydrogen to power only emits water. Fuel cell vehicles are commonly used in material handling applications such as forklifts. Due to clean emissions, they maintain a good air quality and thus can be used indoors. 

In the public transport sector, hydrogen powered FCEVs are growing in popularity. Especially local governments around the globe reckon the benefits of the technology. In the private transport sector, competition with other technologies is fierce. Moreover, the network for hydrogen refueling stations is limited, which reduces the amount of investment in vehicles of consumers.


Resato and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles

We want to support the development of the hydrogen economy that uses FCEVs to reduce CO2 emissions. High pressure technology is substantial in the development of efficient filling solutions. At Resato we dedicate research and development to create cost-efficient and safe refueling solutions and testing equipment for FCEVs and their components.

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