H2Refuel Fleet Owner Station FOS

The H2Refuel Fleet Owner Station provides entrepreneurs, governments, and other fleet owners with a cost-efficient solution for hydrogen filling of FCEVs. To ensure its scalability and safety, the fueling station consists of three modules: the compressor unit, a standalone column with fill nozzle and a standalone control column.

The mobile high pressure compressor unit can be easily moved around due to its forklift patches. The unit houses a hydraulic compressor and a hydraulic drive system including a control and nitrogen flushing system. As the heart of the station, it supplies the hydrogen at a steady filling pressure of 700 bar to the filling nozzle. The nozzle is attached to the filling column which is connected to the compressor unit via a high pressure line.

The hydrogen fueling process is controlled at the third module: The control panel. This panel is placed outside the explosion hazardous areas to warrant safe operation of the station. The user can start, stop, and monitor the refueling process on a user-friendly HMI on the control panel.


Modular Design

Simply upgrade your refueling station with more capacity due to the modular design of the Resato H2Refuel Fleet Owner Station.

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