Autofrettage for a variety of products

Autofrettage system - AFU
Programmable. Data storage. High accuracy.

Our Autofrettage system (AFU) is designed to autofrettage a variety of products, such as thick-walled tubes and high-pressure components. Autofrettage is a process where the inside wall of a component is pressurized for a longer period. This system can generate pressures up to 10.000 bar/ 145.000 psi. By pressurizing, the inner layer of material expands permanently. This is done so the layer is not subject to change under high-pressure in the future. Additional benefits are a longer service life and higher working pressures. This system has a fully programmable pressure curve which provides controlled pressure-build up and bleed. Moreover, the system stores your data and generates test reports automatically.

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Pression maximale
10,000 bar / 145,000 psi

Pressure accuracy
=/> 0.5% FS

All high-pressure parts made of non-corrosive materials

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Benefits & Features
High measuring accuracy over the entire pressure range
High repeatability accuracy
Fully programmable pressure curve
Application areas
Thick-walled tubes
Diesel engine components
Hydraulic cylinders
Oil field components
Waterjet components
High-pressure components
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