Controlling Regulating pressure


With controlling, various oil and gas components are managed. Components such as BOP's, wellhead's and valves that control and regulate the back pressure and flow of liquid from the well. Managing these components prevents the borehole collapse or blow-out. If this happens, there are serious consequences for the environment, property and the lives of the people who work on the drilling installation. Controlling systems operate components that open, close, release pressure and circulate fluids. Resato is your expert for various controlling systems.

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Oil & Gas industry

Oil & Gas industry
The production of oil and gas is a high-risk process. During production, there is a great deal of pressure on the oil reservoir. At the same time, the oil comes out of the well at high pressure. This means that the equipment in the installation has to endure a lot. A small error has major consequences for the operators, the installation and the environment. That is why oil must be produced in a controlled way. The Resato systems support you in this process.

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