Forming in the desired shape


Design techniques are part of an industrial process. Using high pressure, plastics and metals can be shaped. High pressure is used in hydroforming and gas injection moulding. Both techniques use a mould. In the case of hydroforming, high pressure is applied to a tube on a plate using a liquid in a closed mould. In gas injection moulding, a plastic is injected under high pressure into a mould. The material solidifies when it cools down and thus acquires the desired shape.

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Industrial sector

Industrial sector
In industrial processes, design techniques are used to form a liquid or metal as desired. With the help of high pressure, the material can be formed. There are various forming techniques that apply high-pressure solutions. With these techniques, simple and complex products can be produced. As a supplier of high-pressure technology, we focus on the techniques of gas injection molding and hydroforming. Our Resato experts support you in finding the right injection components and systems.

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