High flow high pressure pump

High flow high pressure pump Type BMS

When you have to test objects on different locations within your workshop, the mobile pump system BMS gives you the possibility to test adequately on different sites. Through its wheels (or forklift pockets) the BMS can in comparison to a workshop unit more easily be moved. Which gives you the opportunity to be flexible in the layout of your workshop.

Furthermore, the pump system is an ideal pump to adapt to your specific requirements for testing large volumes at high pressure. The BMS is often equipped with two air driven pumps. Hence, if you want to speed up your operation process by testing objects more quickly a high flow low pressure air driven pump can be added to the high flow high pressure pump that is standard part of the BMS. 


  • Mobile pressure unit
  • Robust design
  • Suitable for pressurizing with oil, water or an emulsion of both
  • Modular design with numerous options



Like most systems of Resato, the BMS operates through pressurizing, isolating pressure and bleeding. With the BMS you can optionally keep control of and adjust the output pressure  by installing a gauge and/or a chart recorder. As a result, the bleeding process can be adapted to the preferred course of the bleeding process. Once the desired output pressure is reached the Resato air driven pump will automatically stop. Which will save you energy and will reduce the noiselevel on the working site. Another advantage of the air driven pump is its ability to adjust the pressurizig in building up and controlling pressure.

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Technical specification

Feature Technical specification  
Max. operating pressure 3.650 bar  
Max. flow 50 l/min  
Materials All critical components e.g. bleed valve, gauges, and wetted pump parts are in stainless steel or bronze. The frame is in stainless steel.  
Test gauge The test gauge has class 1.0% F.S., and a housing of ø 100 mm (4 inch), and is made fully out of  stainless steel. 



  • Mechanical chart recorder
  • PC data acquisition and recording system
  • Multiple pumps
  • Lid to cover the instruments
  • Engraved panel
  • Isolation valve
  • Wheels
  • Lifting pads
  • Forklift pockets
  • Float cock (in case of reservoir)



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