FOS - H2Refuel Fleet Owner Station
Safe. Cost-efficient. Maintenance-friendly.

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The H2Refuel Fleet Owner Station (FOS) is designed to provide fleet owners, governments and entrepreneurs with a cost-efficient solution for refuelling FCEVs with hydrogen at 700 bar. The design avoids expensive components such as pressurized hydrogen storage and hydrogen cooling prior to filling. This makes the fleet owner station financially attractive for the development of a hydrogen refueling infrastructure, which requires a relatively low capital investment compared to a public station. The FOS consists of three components: Compression module, Dispenser module and the control console, to ensure safe operation, the electrical components are scanned from the hydrogen holding parts and the Resato - Gas booster technology is integrated in the station to ensure safe refueling of the vehicle at 700 bar.

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Refueling pressure
700 bar

Developed for easy maintenance

Flow Capacity
4 kg/h

FOS - Additional Info

Benefits & Features
Reliable filling is made possible by the use of a Resato hydraulic-driven gas booster with a flow till 4 kg/ hour.
Flexible hydrogen supply via bottle rack system, tube trailer, electrolyzer or pipeline. Supply pressure range between 30 and 300 bar.
Small footprint: only 16 m² floor space required exclusive hydrogen supply.
Safe hydrogen gas compression due to separation of the gas chamber from the hydraulic section to avoid oil contamination.
Dangerous situations caused by air traps inside the gas booster are prevented with a nitrogen flushing system.
To provide safety during refueling, the dispenser is equipped with a communicating nozzle.
Application Areas
Refueling of passenger cars (LDV).
CE marked, ATEX certified

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