In July 2011, the family business around Jörg Wohlfahrt put Resato's first 2D waterjet cutting system into operation. In order to meet the growing customer demand for oblique cuts and to be able to process maxi-format panels in the size of 2mx4m, Jörg Wohlfahrt contacted Resato at the end of 2015 for a new solution. In addition, the noise level and the degree of contamination during the cutting process were to be reduced. The new Resato waterjet cutting system ACM 2040-1 with a 2 x 4m cutting area, a 2.5D cutting head with splash guard, an underwater cutting module and the "RS3" desludging system will make production more profitable, more flexible and cleaner in the future.



The family-owned business of Jörg Wohlfahrt took on the first Resato 2D waterjet cutting machine in July 2011. In order to satisfy the increasing customer demand for bevel cutting and the work on maxi format plates (2  x4m), Jörg Wohlfahrt contacted Resato for a new solution at the end of 2015. Moreover, the new Resato waterjet solution should reduce the noise level and degree of pollution during the cutting process. The new Resato ACM 2040-1 waterjet cutting machine with a cutting area of 2 x 4m, a 2,5D cutting head including splash cover, a underwater cutting module, and the abrasive removal system "RS3" provides more flexibility, a cleaner and cost-efficient product for the future.

Waterjet cutting Wohlfahrt Eppstein

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