Assen here we come!

We moved to Assen

Are you wondering what has changed for you?

After 25 years in Roden we are moving to a new location! To fuel our and our staff’s growth and ambition, we have created a new place to work. A space to innovate, interact and learn with and for you. The move is essential to maintain our financial and cultural company growth – we just need more room.

For us it is time to take the next step and move into a facility than enriches our culture, our business, and our brand. We are creating a space that encourages to open up and interact, to have fun and learn, and to grow and innovate. We want the place to be space for you and us.

On May 23, 2016 we had our first work day in Assen



What are the factors for the move to Assen?

Space. We are outgrowing the current facility in Roden. The current building is 3,000sqm and the new building is 7,700sqm of which we will occupy 6,000sqm initially. As we go further we need more people on the team so we need more space.

Culture. One of the three pillars in our mission is “a great place to work”. Resato is a place where it is fun to go to work. We want a place where our staff feels comfortable, where the air quality is excellent, and that looks attractive. This is why we promote an open culture which means that we want to work in open workspaces. We want to have more collaboration and interaction. In the new building in Assen, operations and office workers have more contact with each other. From the office floor, there is visual contact with the production floor. With our open atmosphere, we want to make our business more transparent towards customers who visit us.

Location. Why the Northern Netherlands? Why stay here? We believe that the only thing that is unique is the human capital that differentiates us from our competition. We want to keep and develop our people. "Our roots are in the Northern Netherlands and we promised our people to move within a 20km radius of our current building." Rob Castien, CEO

We want to make a difference!

We sincerely believe that we need to do well for the environment and leave the world in an acceptable condition for our kids. We are innovative and caring in the way we look at our environment. That is why we have invested in new technologies that improve the building’s environmental impact and complies with the BREEAM-IN-Use certification. In the new building we:

  • Take heat from the ground to warm up our new workplace.
  • Provide charging points for electric cars.
  • Have an eco-friendly air management system.



What changes for you?

  • You reach us now in Assen at Duitslandlaan 1, 9403 DL Assen, Netherlands. Our phone numbers and email-addresses remain the same.
  • You should send letters and postal mail to P.O. Box 950, NL-9400 AZ Assen, Netherlands.
  • You will experience more transparency when coming to our building. We encourage interaction and an open culture. When visiting our new building, you will get to experience this in high quality meeting rooms, demo rooms, training facilities, and improved air conditions.
  • In- and outbound logistic processes will be more efficient due to more space in and outside of the building. By remodeling the building, we could integrate more processes and increase our efficiency.
  • We improve the quality of our training facility for you. With better space use and improve air quality, it will be a pleasure to be educated about our systems.
  • Our two demo rooms are located closely to the meeting rooms for customer visits. For you this will make the product experience much better and questions can be answered directly at the machine.


We look at this new location as the start of another chapter in our history. If you're in the area, feel free to stop by and say hi! We’d love to show you around.

New adress

You can reach us now in Assen at:

Duitslandlaan 1
9403 DL  Assen

P.O. Box 950
9400 AZ  Assen

Our phone numbers and email-addresses remain the same.

For questions, please call +31 (50) 501 6877 to be directed to the person who can best assist you. You can also send an email to

Why we move