Rubber Hoses

Rubber hoses can handle a working pressure up to 1800 bar / 26.000 psi and are being used in many industries such as the hose industry, oil & gas industry and automotive industry. To assure the safety and quality of the rubber hoses, they need to be periodically tested with hydrostatic and/or pneumatic tests.

New hoses always need to be tested to assure the safety and quality. A broken, damaged or poor quality hose can lead to severe damage to people, environment and equipment:

  •       Injuries / fatalities
  •       Damaged equipment
  •       Environmental contamination
  •       Downtime

Tests performed on Rubber hoses by Resato units

At Resato, we can make a distinction of tests between non-destructive and destructive tests that are performed on rubber hoses with our hose testing benches/equipment.

Non-Destructive Tests

  •         Static Hydrostatic Test

A proof test is also referred to as a proof test or leak test.

  •       Volumetric Expansion Test

A volumetric expansion test measures how much the hose expands at a certain pressure level.

  •         Rotation Measurement Test

The rotation measurement test measures the amount a hose will rotate a certain pressure level.

  •        Length Measurement Test

A length measurement test measures the length a hose will gain at a certain pressure level.


Destructive Tests

  •        Burst Test

A burst test aims to define the maximum pressure until the material fails and the hose bursts.

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Doornbos Equipment

Doornbos Equipment

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The most common hose pressure tests done with a Resato test system

The most common hose pressure tests done with a Resato test system

Date: 03-02-2017 To gain information about a hose’s condition and reliability, pressure tests are undertaken. Read More »

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