Safe Hydrogen pressure testing in 3 easy steps with a Resato system

Safe Hydrogen pressure testing in 3 easy steps with a Resato system All in a safe and reliable way

When performing pressure tests with hydrogen, the operator needs a safe and reliable system to reduce the risks and exposure time in a hazardous environment.  The Resato hydrogen test systems are designed according to the hydrogen standards, and the performed tests will automatically be in accordance with the applicable standards (e.g. ISO 15869).

To perform a test, the operator needs to follow 3 easy steps:

  1. Select the test to be performed from the menu (e.g. Tank Hydro test)

The predefined test recipes based on the applicable standards will be available in the menu. The operator can perform a quick search on the recipe or part name list. In case testing standards change or adaptations are to be made, the supervisor/administrator can generate new recipes.

  1. Fill in the blanks

Before starting the high pressure test, the operator needs to fill in the blanks, such as the serial number, in the test recipe’s setup in the recipe editor.

  1. Press “Start”

The system performs the test and automatically generates the test certificate both as a pdf file and as raw data in a csv format. For each test, a report package is generated containing an overview, individual test data and a calibration overview. For a completed test, raw data is generated to be used for a thorough testing analysis.

By following these three easy steps, the operator can perform the tests in a safe and reliable way with a Resato hydrogen test system. 

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