Safety Ecosystem - Danger of High Pressure

Everyone working in the oil and gas, is trained and pointed out the hazards present from maximum speeds on the parking lots to the use of gas masks on location. High pressure is intangible, you cannot see the dangers and you cannot smell them, but the results of mistakes made with high pressure can be deadly for both humans and business. In the field we see a lot of unsafe situations. Besides the dangers relating to personal safety, we here allude to other less known dangers of for example incorrect procedures or reliability issues.

How can the safety of people and machine performance be as high as possible while minimizing operational costs?

Knowledge sharing is paramount for Resato. From the first contact with the customer, we ask a lot of questions. We do not do this to bother you, but it is to get an overall picture of the situation at the customer. For Resato safety is a key term for the design of our systems. Over the course of years this has become an ecosystems of safety.

Resato Safety Ecosystem

Become sure

Our average customers do not buy a high-pressure system on a regular basis. Logically that leads to difficulties when overseeing everything involved. We want to give you a system that meets your expectations or even exceed them. Thus, we help you become aware of everything that needs to be considered when purchasing a high pressure system. Become sure that you don’t overlook something.

Make sure

After knowing what we have to take into account, we can start working on the perfect setup. How can we improve cycle times or that how can combine tests without having to change connections? Sometimes an extra test-line seems expensive but much cheaper in the long run. What safety systems do we have to integrate to meet regulations? We will set up your system to make sure that the system meets your expectations.

Be sure

Besides a perfect setup, it is important to have a good look at the processes. Can we standardize certain pressure cycles or even automate them? How do we store reports the best way? What knowledge do operators need and how do you train them? How can we eliminate human error? Be sure that you work safe and reliable.

Stay sure

After the purchase we hope to continue to work with you. In maintenance and calibration. But also on educating your staff. We want to ensure that both staff and system work at their top potential. By sharing our knowledge with customers, by training them well, by setting up the perfect system and by determining the best working procedures and maintaining the system, procedures and knowledge, we make the difference!


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From our high pressure expert

Sander Vroling

"We see ourselves as high pressure doctors and not as sellers."

Sander Vroling - Sales director
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The Resato Safety Ecosystem