Resato High Pressure Technology

Resato International B.V.

We are a Dutch provider of smart high pressure solutions with the aim to increase the productivity of our worldwide customers. Our product range includes high pressure technology waterjet cutting systems as well as components and systems for testing, injection, controlling that operate up to 14,000 bars. On the road to a greener future we have further extended our product range with hydrogen refueling stations, boosters and testing systems. You can find Resato products in the oil & gas industry, hose industry, glass industry, mining industry, automotive industry, aerospace industry, and many more.

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Refueling pressure
700 bar. Optional 350 bar

On-site storage, tube trailer, electrolyzer

Flow Capacity
> 20 kg/h. 480 kg per day

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Benefits and Features
Reliable filling is made possible by the use of a Resato compression technology for 700 and/or 350 bar refueling
Flexible hydrogen supply via bottle rack system, tube trailer, electrolyzer or pipeline. Supply pressure range between 10 and 300 bar
Refueling according the SAE 2601 protocol
IFSF payment protocol for connection to cash register systems
Future proof, modular design, storage capacity expandable
Energy efficient
Application Areas
Refueling of light vehicles
Refueling of trucks for dispatching companies
Refueling of boats
Refueling of street cleaning vehicles and garbage trucks
Refueling of buses
Low supply pressure booster module
Additional dispenser
Buffer capacity extension 350 bar refueling
Supply monitoring system
Rush hour add-in