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Waterjet Cutting has been experiencing a significant increase in popularity in the past years. However, systems still have significant limitations to effectively support the development of continuous working processes. Who doesn’t know the problem of loading the machine and waiting until the cutting job is fully completed? Or being limited in running long cutting projects because the weekend is close? 

To address these problems, automation in production has gained significant interest. The reason: Automation creates new possibilities in production and can establish economies of scale. These possibilities to automate processes exist also when cutting with water pressure. The focus for effective automation can be placed on abrasive management as well as on the loading processes of the machine. Similar to other business areas, a great degree of automation can be achieved through software.

Waterjet systems from Resato can be operated with minimum manpower and provide new flexibility due to the focus on enhancing efficiency. From our customers, we have learned about problems in cutting and have developed three product features of our ACM Waterjet that are key in maintaining a high safety and quality standard while automating the cutting process:



Our Flexzone allows you to quickly supply the machine with new materials – already during the cutting process. Thereby, we increase the uptime of the machine and the efficiency of your production processes. Innovative light curtains on the system’s bridge guarantee high safety standards.


Abrasive Continuous Supply

Our Abrasive Continuous Supply System automates the supply of abrasives during the cutting process. Notifications about the supply level in the systems allow the operator to respond only when necessary. The refill process is simple and safe due to the external supply container.


ACM Job Manager

With the ACM Job Manager you can easily sequence existing processes and let the ACM Waterjet do the rest – and all of this will minimum effort. It is our software extension that enhances productions efficiency. Being able to reliably plan and execute cutting jobs provides valuable time for other tasks.


Together we can sustainably improve the efficiency of your production!

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