ACM Waterjet cutting machine

ACM Waterjet cutting machine Getting more than the best quality cut

The cutting table comprises a precision-built steel construction embodying linear direct-drive motors on each of the two main axes. To achieve the required precision, the bridge and self-propelled carriage plate are powered by two direct-drive linear motors on each side. This results in a speed range from 1 to 30.000 mm/min. 

Use of these components and construction enables the installation to achieve positioning accuracy and repetition accuracy of ± 50µm (at 20 °C) across the machine's full range. The guideways and drives are suitably protected from water and abrasive through bellows and protective stainless steel plating.


Direct-drive linear motors guarantee:

  • Better cutting behavior and absolute repetition accuracy (without needing to back-up) of the cutting head compared to traditional mechanical transitions using spindle, pinion, rack and gears
  • Low maintenance as a result of the non-contact principle, combined with greatly reduced wear parts consumption
  • Wide range of cutting speed and jogging speed, adjustable from very low to very high
  • Fast response enables cutting speed to be rapidly changed


Unmanned Production

Due to automatic control of the PJ high pressure pump and the process parameters, permanent supervision during the cutting process is not required. Resato water jets are equipped with an automated stop function that trips once a cutting task is completed. This means that all units will be acting in standby mode or will shut down and almost no energy is required.

ACM Table Range

Machine type Net cutting range Machine type Net cutting range per cutting head
1 cutting head in 2D 2 cutting heads in 2D
ACM 2015-1 2020x1520 mm ACM 2015-2 1670x1520 mm
ACM 2040-1  2020x4020 mm ACM 2040-2 1670x4020 mm
ACM 2060-1  2020x6020 mm ACM 2060-2 1670x6020 mm
ACM 3015-1 3020x1520 mm ACM 3015-2 3020x1520 mm
ACM 3030-1 3020x3020 mm ACM 3030-2 3020x3020 mm
ACM 3040-1 3020x4020 mm ACM 3040-2 3020x4020 mm
ACM 3060-1 3020x6020 mm ACM 3060-2 3020x6020 mm
ACM 3080-1 3020x8020 mm ACM 3080-2 3020x8020 mm
ACM 30100-1 3020x10020 mm ACM 30100-2 3020x10020 mm


Different machine types or more cutting heads than two can be provided on special request.



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