PJ4-4000 Options

PJ4-4000 Options Are these options suitable for you?

The Waterjet Pump can be extended with several options and features to further improve your waterjet cutting performance. Check out the following options to upgrade your waterjet pump! 


In order to reduce the start up power consumption of the waterjet cutting pump to a maximum of 2.5 x I nominally, a so-called softstarter will be integrated.

Pump Skid for two pumps

The Pump Skid controls the complete water management when using multiple pumps on a single or multiple cutting table(s).

CC-Series Watersoftener

The CC series water softeners are built as a duplex system and are reliable, efficient and economical. The compact system, containing resin tanks, provides softened water 24 hours a day. For the standard CC series, average hardness of the inlet water cannot exceed 8.5°dH. Alternative series, allowing inlet water hardness to exceed this maximum of 8.5°dH, are available. 

  • No electrical power, complicated timers or operator activation are required
  • Highly efficient system with low consumption of water and salt
  • Volumetric regeneration


CC-Series Watersoftener  
Volume treated before regeneration required 275 to 2200 liter
Minimum capacity during regeneration 11 L/min
Salt capacity 25 kg

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