IGEMS software package

IGEMS software package Efficient and user friendly

The efficiency and speed with which cutting tasks can be executed is to a great extent determined by proper job preparation. Resato therefore supplies the IGEMS CAD/CAM software package, specifically developed for waterjet cutting. 

The software package will be fully installed on a customer's PC, on which we will also install the software for sending/receiving of cutting programs to/from the CNC controller. The CNC controller has a cable connection to the PC.

Important features of the standard IGEMS software are:

  • Quick and easy operation, including drawing capability
  • Fast and logical workflow for:
    • Importing cutting jobs
    • Assigning the type and height of material
    • Fast and efficient manual nesting
    • Automatic generation of the CNC program
    • Sending the CNC program to the cutting table
  • Import of files in DXF and DWG formats
  • Determination of a material's "machinability" through a single test cut
  • The machinability determines:
    • Cutting speed
    • Slowing and acceleration around corners and tight curves




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