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Experience hydrogen and waterjet technology at Resato

Experience hydrogen and waterjet technology at Resato The Dutch Technology Week

Assen, Netherlands. On May 20, 2017, the Dutch Technology Week’s (DTW) High Tech Discovery Tour takes place, allowing anybody to visit many high tech companies in the Northern Netherlands. At Resato International, the expert for high pressure technology in Assen, one can experience high pressure in action for waterjet cutting, pressure testing, and hydrogen filling stations.

Dutch Technology Week at Resato International

Directly next to the A28 in Assen Noord, the focus in 2017 is on the hydrogen economy. At Resato International, everyone is invited to learn more about regional developments of hydrogen in the mobility and energy sector. “Especially, in the past months, the public interest in hydrogen has grown and we want to provide everyone with the possibility to see a filling station and the cars”, states Rob Castien, CEO of Resato. Therefore, many stakeholders have been invited to the headquarter at the Duitslandlaan 1 in Assen to present their developments:

  • Forze Racing Team from the TU Delft shows the hydrogen-powered racing car: The Forze VI
  • Holthausen Group and Resato explain with their fleet owner refueling station the vision of an affordable, green hydrogen economy
  • Holthausen Group provides the possibility to ride a hydrogen-powered bus
  • EnTranCe show their electrolyzer technology with a demo
  • Gasunie will show their Power-to-gas fiets
  • DNV GL with a power-to-gas demo
  • Green Planet discusses their refueling concept

Resato’s knowledge does not stop at hydrogen applications. Since 1991, the Assen-based company develops and manufactures high pressure technology for many applications. Especially for students, it will be exciting to explore high pressure technology. The highlights at Resato are:

  • Experience of high pressure waterjet cutting
  • Learning about high pressure test equipment
  • Hearing about the Internet of Things and high pressure technology
  • Explore the future with an augmented reality product presentation
  • And more

Besides the technology, there is some entertainment for the young and a food truck. That way everyone visiting Resato will have a great day.

Dutch Technology Week – High Tech Discovery Tour

Do you want to “look behind the scenes” of technical companies? Then the High Tech Discovery Tour of the Dutch Technology week is what you have been waiting for. Many companies in the Netherlands open their doors to show how high tech equipment is made. In the Drenthe, Friesland, and Groningen region, the Innovation Cluster Drachten (ICD) has been organizing the High Tech Discovery Tour among their members for a few years. On May 20, 2017, you have the chance to experience technology first hand, starting at 11.00, at these businesses:



Marconilaan 6


Delta Instruments

Kelvinlaan 3


YP Your Partner

Ampèrelaan 1


Whisper Power

Kelvinlaan 82


VDH Products

Poductieweg 1


Kwant Controls

Voltastraat 3



Duitslandlaan 1












On May 20, take part in the High Tech Discovery Tour and experience high pressure applications and learn about the hydrogen economy at the Duitslandlaan 1 in Assen.


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