IOB-H2 series Performance. Safe. Maintenance-friendly.

IOB-H2 series
Performance. Safe. Maintenance-friendly.

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The hydraulic-driven gas boosters from the IOB-H2 Series enable safe hydrogen compression with a wide range of discharge pressure and flow rates. The hydraulic-driven compressor is used in gas processing and hydrogen gas storage applications, hydrogen refueling stations, pressure testing and in more applications. The separation between the gas chamber and the hydraulic section have been especially engineered to cater for safe use with hydrogen gas and avoid oil contamination of the gas. Moreover, the gas booster can be used safely for the compression of other industrial gases such as CNG, nitrogen, and more. The careful selection of materials warrants a longer lifetime as hydrogen embrittlement is reduced. To enhance the versatility of the IOB/H2 hydraulic-driven gas boosters, the gas boosters are available as double-acting, and dual-stage versions.

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Outlet pressure range
10 - 1,100 bar
(145 - 16,000 psi)

Developed for easy maintenance

Flow capacity
4 kg/h - 50 kg/h

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Benefits & Features
Great application versatility due to wide supply pressure range from 2 to 300 bar and discharge pressure range from 10 to 1,100 bar
Safe hydrogen gas compression due to separation of the gas chamber from the hydraulic section to avoid oil contamination
Universal use and multiple configuration possibilities based on a modular and interchangeable design of the gas section and 5 compression ratios
Effective prevention of hydrogen embrittlement due to specific material choice
Long life time by using specific hydrogen engineered polymer compounds based low-friction PTFE resins for optimum piston sealing
Reduced wear on parts due to self-lubricating piston reducing friction during operation
Reduced maintenance time by design allowing replacement of the high pressure seals and check valve within 30 minutes
Engineered according the European standards CE and ATEX standards
Application Areas
Hydrogen refueling stations
Gas pressure testing with hydrogen, nitrogen, CNC, and other gases
Gas processing of hydrogen
Charging of accumulators with hydrogen and other gases
Storage of hydrogen and other gases
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