Single well control system

Single well control system Type SPP

With the single well control panel SPP you can control a surface or subsurface safety valve. One of the main assets of the SPP is that the system is equipped with an emergency shutdown (ESD). The ESD mode is controlled by a remote pilot valve and will be activated whenever the pilot pressure is too low. Also in case of an air (gas) supply failure the ESD mode is activated.

Another advantage of the SPP is that the system is designed in such a way that you can manually take-over its main features. The SPP has an air driven pump and a specially designed hydraulic three-way valve. Should the air supply fail or drop too low to operate properly, you can completely operate the savety valve manually with the manual device of the air driven pump and the manual override of the hydraulic three-way valve.  


  • Emergency shutdown (ESD)
  • Manual operation mode
  • Self-contained reservoir
  • Protective cover


Safe and durable design

The design of the well control system is aimed at safety and durability of the device, which gives the operator a reliable sytem to work with. The SPP has a protective cover, and the reservoir, cover, panel, tubing and fittings are made of stainless steel. For more safety all high pressure tubing and fittings are provided with autoclave type connections. Furthermore, the SPP offers several options to adapt the system to your specific requirements. Optionally you can select e.g. high-low pilot valves or a quick exhaust, or choose a SPP two line system.

Technical specification


Technical specification  
Output control line 10,000 psi  
Pump Air driven high pressure pump (type P80-81/M) with manual backup function  
Gauges Glycerine filled air pressure gauges (0-200 psi, 0-600 psi, 0-15,000 psi)  
Reservoir 28 l  


  • Available in 6,000 and 15,000 psi version
  • Remote ESD buttons with loop functionality
  • High-low pilot valves
  • Quick exhaust
  • Atex certification
  • Available as 2 line unit (SPP-10-2)

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