Kümmerling Metalltechnik GmbH

Kümmerling Metalltechnik GmbH Thomas Abb

To ensure and expand the delivery reliability and high quality of the traditional company in the long term, Mr. Abb visited Blechexpo in 2016 to discuss the possibilities of waterjet cutting for Kümmerling Metalltechnik GmbH.

Together with Resato, a machine concept was put together with a full-service contract, which enables linear calculation of the plant's operating costs. In addition, the waterjet cutting system delivers more independence from suppliers and generates new customers.

In this case he explains why he made the choice for: 

• ACM System 2015-1
• 2D Cutting head
• RS3
• Full-Service contract


Download Waterjet Case - Kümmerling Metalltechnik GmbH