Les trois avantages de l'hydrogène

Les trois avantages de l'hydrogène

Climate change and pollution are well-known problems in today's world. To make the world a better place, hydrogen is often suggested to be a great solution.

At Resato we believe hydrogen will play a big role in the energy transition. We shaped this idea by developing hydrogen refueling stations that are meant to comply to the needs of the different potential client groups. But why hydrogen? What are its advantages?

Advantage #1 - Zero-emission

Theoretically. The only emision of a hydrogen powered vehicle is clean water. Therefore, it’s potential for a successful energy transition is huge. However, until now, hydrogen is not always produced in an environmentally friendly way. There are three kinds of hydrogen: grey, blue, and green.

Grey hydrogen uses methane in the production process. CO2 is released in the air in this process, polluting the environment.

Blue hydrogen production methods also use methane. But contrary to the grey methods, in blue production methods, the methane is stored underground.

Only green hydrogen is truly environmentally-friendly. Renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power produce the hydrogen in this case. Through a process called electrolysis, water is electrified and splits into hydrogen and oxygen.

Advantage #2 - Safety

When you compare hydrogen to LPG, hydrogen would be the safer option. Hydrogen is light. Even lighter than air. So should the gas escape due to a leak, it immediately diffuses into the air. It does not stay on the ground and contaminate the soil or groundwater.


Advantage #3 - Storability

It is challenging to store electricity. The issue is that usually a battery is necessary, and this component is money and space-consuming. Hydrogen, on the other hand, is quite easy to store. It is possible to compress hydrogen under high pressure, allowing to store many kilos of hydrogen in a buffer tank. Hydrogen's storability also offers great transportation opportunities.


Vision on hydrogen

The climate problems are not solved in one day. Greener solutions for mobility and transport need time to develop. However, this is only one part of the needed energy transition. In general, hydrogen has the potential to be used in many applications and to push on this transition. Nevertheless, we also believe that different types of alternative energy sources need to work together to fight the climate problems – cooperation is the keyword.


We, as Resato, decided to use our core competences high pressure and compression for the future. Within our hydrogen world, we focus on the mobility sector but also offer solutions for the field of testing. On the road to a greener world, we expect the future to be a mix of hydrogen and battery powered vehicles. Depending on the type of use, both have its advantages in different situations.

If you would like to know more about our vision of hydrogen or would like to discuss our products. Please contact us.

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