Lightweight portable mini pump

Lightweight portable mini pump Type MPS

The MPS is a handy portable air driven mini pump that’s even easily carried on stairs. It weighs less than 17kg with a filled tank and is quite small with dimensions of only 40.5 x 30.8 x 36.5cm (LxWxH).

Despite its small size and low weight, this mini pump reliably generates high pressure from 1,800 bar (at 7 bar /100 psi air-drive pressure) to 2,500 bar (at 7 bar / 100 psi air-drive pressure).

If pressured air is not available, the pump can also be operated manually with a detachable hand lever. In addition to air, other mediums such as water and oil can also be used to pressurize objects.

Benefits of the MPS include:

  • Lightweight, easy to carry
  • Suitable for pressurizing oil, water or other fluids
  • Completely closed frame
  • All operating features panel mounted


Functional design

Testing objects with the MPS is a highly efficient process, as all operating features are mounted on the panel. Another feature that turns the MPS into a highly functional pump, is that all components – including those required for connecting materials and tubing – are mounted on a robust plastic closed frame.

This entirely closed frame ensures the pump can be used in under the toughest conditions, as it is not susceptible to dirt, water or other substances. Furthermore, all parts of this pump are made from non-corrosive materials, ensuring the entire system and its individual parts have a longer lifecycle.

Technical specifications

Features Technical specifications
Max. operating pressure 2.500 bar / 36,000 psi
Max. air drive pressure 10 bar / 145 psi
Max. flow 1.10 l/min
Noise level < 80 dBa


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