Separated test control system

Separated test control system Type HPU-sep

The separated HPU (HPU-sep) offers maximum safety while testing objects. This separated workshop test control system is available in different configurations, enabling you to select the HPU system that fully meet your specific test requirements.

A test bay setting with maximum safety is ensured by placing the high pressure test system and the test objects in the test bay together, while the HPU-sep control panel is positioned in a separate control room.

The result is a fully separated set-up, where high pressure components are restricted to the test bay. This ensures maximum safety during test execution.

Benefits of the HPU-sep include:

  • Fully separated set-up 
  • Engraved operating panel
  • Wall mounted operating panel
  • Suitable for pressurizing with water or mineral based hydraulic fluids (alternatives available on request) 


Operation and safety

The HPU-sep is equipped with a wall-mounted operating panel, enabling the operator to control the test system from a separate room, rather than having to stand directly next to the high pressure unit/test object. This increases the operator’s safety.

Furthermore, the HPU-sep has several additional features and options that support safe work conditions for your staff members. Safety features such as door switches, an emergency stop button and a safety light mounted on the unit, are all standard components.

These standard safety measures can be easily expanded with additional options such as flashing lights, camera systems and a door locking actuator to attain the highest possible safety standard in your industry.

Technical specifications

Features Technical specifications
Max. operating pressure 5,000 bar / 70,000 psi
Object protection Through a programmable maximum unit pressure and controlled pressure bleed.


  • Hoses, hose reel, adapters and quick connectors

  • Door locking actuator

  • Override switch for test bay entrance (one or multiple test bays)

  • Extra flashing lights

  • Pre-fill system

  • Interchangeable calibration solution

  • Camera systems

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