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As a Resato's (junior) R&D Mechanical Engineer you design and/or develop new components and systems.
In the coming 14 days, we will be there for you to on 13 days answer your questions. On December 26, your Resato team will enjoy some family time after a great year 2016 and will therefore not be reachable.
Un centre de production est un espace hautement compétitif. Les clients attendent des délais d'exécution très courts et la souplesse nécessaire pour s'adapter à l'évolution de leurs besoins. Pour y parvenir,...
On September 21, Resato has been awarded the MVO certificate. This certification recognizes social and sustainable involvement in the Northern Netherlands by analyzing business performance towards the three...
Resato investeerde veel tijd in de ontwikkeling van een compressor unit die speciaal voor waterstofgebruik is aangepast.